Monday, October 13, 2008

I Miss My Hairdresser

The beautiful highlights on this dahlia remind me of how much I miss my hairdresser.
I haven't seen him on over a year, I've spent seven dollars on "hair" since July '07....and I look like it. I bought one of those color touch-up kits at the grocery store about six months ago when I couldn't take the mousy gray/brown any more.
This whole no-visits-to-the-hairdresser thing is intentional...a part of budget cuts around here. We've been cutting back on non-essential really make an effort to live more simply. There are other areas of our life where we've made changes but this is the one thing that I really miss. I like my hairdresser, he's smart, funny, hip, cool, a snappy dresser and just plain fun to be around...when I'm in that chair we talk about everything under the sun....I guess you could say I get a little bit of therapy with my cut & color.
The money that we save by giving up these non-essentials has been going to the local shelter for the homeless. The best thing about looking in the mirror at my stringy mousy gray/brown hair is that it's a constant reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are here at this old farm.
It's amazing how many meals you can buy at a shelter for the cost of a really great cut and color.

I think I can last a few more months, I'd like to buy Christmas dinner for a whole lot of folks.

I read about this challenge somewhere, I can't even remember where...but it's a pretty good one.
I saw Nancy Pelosi on the news tonight...she's talking about sending out another round of stimulus checks, I think it's ridiculous. I don't want to talk politics on this blog but what if....what if all of the people that weren't in desperate need of the next stimulus check...what if they all gave them to their local homeless shelter.
Imagine how many people we could all help.


pink dogwood said...

I love this post and I greatly admire what you are doing.

Carletta said...

Great post Shelly!
I applaud you.

quilly said...

You know, your hair might not be as shiny and bright and full as you'd like, but your heart is simply dazzling.