Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Party Primping

So I had my party primping post ready to publish...and I found a photo CD in my mailbox. Not the e-mail mailbox but the snail-mail mailbox. It was from The Snapsisters! namely Jodi, Jodi is Tami's (my co-party-planner) sister. Jodi stopped by the farm late Saturday afternoon while we were working on a few of the final details of the party, and she had her camera! Jodi is a pro, she takes photos for a living so I was thrilled to see her walk in the door of the party barn. I've posted my pictures and now I'm going to post the pics that Jodi took...dang that girl made the party barn look cool.Here's Jodi's daughter Hana Jo, she made the frosting for all of the party cupcakes...this kid knows her way around a KitchenAid mixer, she's a whiz with frosting and tips...thanks Hana!

Tami made these tags for the buffet table, I didn't get a picture of them...I'm so glad that Jodi did.

I didn't get a photo of this bouquet either...oh Jodi, you've made me so happy.

Or these little white vases on the table buy the door....isn't this a beautiful shot?

And this one? With those twinkling lights in the background...wowza.

Oh, be still my heart...flowers, and twinkle lights reflected in the mirror. So cool.

These K's that Tami made for Karen the birthday girl, I love the colors.

This is too cool...it's making me want to buy one of those groovy cameras with all those snazzy lenses, hmmm.....then I'd have to take lessons from Jodi on how to use it ;)

One of those yummy cupcakes I talked about earlier, I'm calling this food-photo-art.

Looks like we're ready to party doesn't it?

Thanks Jodi!

If you're looking for a great photographer who is also a lot of fun,
you need to check out the snapsisters!


Carletta said...

OH, Jodi's good! She has a good eye for capturing the small stuff. I loved the reflection in the mirror - that was way cool.

tami said...

These were my favorite pics too...you just posted my planed post for this evening...It was pretty Shell, and my post title, Pretty Barn instead of Party Barn.

jodi said...

Thanks for the kind words! I just used my camera to get access to the party barn-very cool!