Sunday, May 25, 2008

X is for Xeriscaping's my next project. Landscaping a really challenging site. It's incredibly hot and dry in the summer, watering is possible... but the whole point of a xeriscape is to use plantings that don't require a lot of water once established. We'll be using native plants like the photos below...these plants are currently growing at the site. It's a whole new world for me, a completely different zone, a water challenge, very low maintenance...oh yeah...and the deer...that will be snacking on everything that isn't caged.Balsam Root

Cute little blue flower..guess I need a reference book!

Bitterbrush...the deer will keep this pruned

Construction site clean-up crew.


Dianne said...

Love your clean-up crew! :)

I learn something new about nature every time I visit here. Thanks.

Jerrie said...

I will love to see your new adventure unfold...And the clean-up crew? What is better than that?

quilly said...

Shelly, my botanist (after a brief glance) says that your cute little blue flower is a Veronica of some kind, but he is not certain which one. That ought to make it easier for you to look up.

Carletta said...

That is certainly an interesting word!
Beautiful images.
I love beauty and low maintenance.
I have deer too and sometimes I just want to say what the heck instead of trying to keep them away from everything.

Robert said...

Like Dianne, I love your clean up crew. And so willing to help out. Make sure to pay with some extra treats.

tami said...

So nice that Bergie is so helpful. He looks really ahppy about it too.

Melli said...

LOL!!! That looks JUST like MY dog! And she runs around with big ol' fire wood logs for "chew sticks"! Sheeeesh! Good luck with that Xeriwhatever! That's probably what I need to do to my whole yard! Just plant the weeds that naturally grow there! And then they too would probably die!!!