Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glass in the Garden

I'm pretty reserved when it comes to decorative ornaments in the garden, but one thing I wish I had more of... is glass. I love it. Glass in the garden seems like such a strange combination but every time I see it I launch into full-blast covet, ya ya...I know it's a sin but I really really want it! this is a little over the top, but it's so much fun. This garden mosaic was in one of the gardens on the tour last weekend. The detail was amazing, check out the vase on the left, pouring out blue glass baubles to simulate pouring water on a flower. This mosaic covered a large wall and it was full of details like this. Check out the reflection in the mirror of the blue garden goddess.
Glass beads and hearts in a bird bath instead of water, I like the look but I wonder where the birdies go to freshen up....the spa? HMB..high maintenance birdies.

This vignette was fabulous, it consisted of a brightly painted chair with plantings to match. The finishing touch was the half dozen garden orbs that picked up the colors of the chair and plants.
OK....screaming coveting....this one dang near tipped me over. I'm crazy for it...for the glass, the beads, the perfect pairing with the maple....ayyyeeee!!!!! This is one talented gardener.

Same garden, this little orb wrapped with glass beads was tucked at the end of a secret path. The photo doesn't do it justice, it was so dang cute tucked into a corner.
You can see it at the end of the path in this photo...still not showing it off like I should..blame the photographer, yeah...write her a pink slip and put her on notice.
I'm such a dummy, mom gave me money for Christmas and I've been looking for something special to buy. I've been holding off spending it because I want the purchase to be unique and it just hit for my garden! Every time I see it I will think of mom and the gift she gave me, I know she will approve.


JFargo said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Also, I usually only read this page through an RSS, so I hadn't seen the picture in your title. I wanted to mention that I think that's a beautiful shot. I saw it because I came to comment on this, and was pleasantly surprised.

quilly said...

I love the white globe with the glass ivy leaf beads. If your photo didn't do it justice, it must really be an eye popper!

bobbie said...

I agree with quilly. That one is spectacular - and I want it!

dlyn said...

I agree they are all beautiful. There is something very satisfying about glass in a garden - the reflections and the contrast of hard vs soft, living vs. not. I am alsways afraid it will get broken though.

Carletta said...

I have one glass sun face in my garden - I want more!
These are so fun. I also bead so I'm thinking maybe I can come up with something. It wouldn't be this grand; but it's worth a try.
I hope you find something great to buy. Would you believe my Mom gave me a gift card for Christmas and I haven't used it either - like you said - it has to be the right thing.
I'm so hoping you have more gardens to show us.