Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's here

We wait for it, we day dream about it...we pine for it,
and now it's here.
That brief moment when the flower garden peaks,
the peonies are huge, the roses are giving their best
show of the season.
I went for a little stroll in the garden last night, didn't pull
weeds...didn't make "to-do" lists....just looked at
all of the pretty, that I've waited a whole year for.


kenju said...

The peonies are gorgeous this year.
We've used them in almost every wedding since may.

bobbie said...

You've worked hard. Now enjoy!

Robert said...

Well from the look of this image it was well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing this one today.

pink dogwood said...

I need to learn to do that - that is go out and enjoy. btw, about your previous post - you made such a beautiful bride :)

Carletta said...

This is beautiful! All the layers and that brilliant color!