Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ponds and Falls

Water features in gardens are a pain in the neck...and the back...and I love them. Even as a little kid I would create water features around the hose bib in my parents back yard. I could spend hours arranging rocks and creating water courses. We've built water features here at the farm, the cows have always managed to break through fences and destroy them at least once or twice. One time when I was out of town the cows fell in my fish pond and The Husband had to hoist the beastly bovine out with a tractor, it was a Sunday morning and the neighbors just happened to be driving by on their way to church....I'm sure it was a very curious sight.
Our garden tour last weekend offered up a few water features to give me some inspiration for the feature we've been lacking the gumption to complete. The water course below wasn't on the garden tour but we just happened to park in front of it when we were on the tour....I was fascinated by this one. The house was at the top of the hill so this feature is really for the enjoyment of the people passing by, I'd like to thank these folks for this one...they don't really even see it from their house.
The photo below is a closer view of the falls, I really like how the water falls in a sheet...I've always wanted to build one of those....but on a smaller scale.

This pond in the photos above and below were on the tour, this was a back yard I could move right into, no hesitation whatsoever!
The stream course was great, I like how they staged a fall every couple of feet.
I can't believe I'm posting this shot, this is my stalled project...I dug that hole at least a year ago. I guess life got in the way of yet another garden dream...oh well...I say it's better to have started and stalled than never to have started at all!


quilly said...

step-mom and I built a fountain in our front yard when I was a kid. We mixed the concrete and did all the rock laying and plumbing and digging and such. It took us three days and we were so proud! Then a couple more days for the cement t really set -- then we turned the water on -- and the whole fountain slid into the pond and crumbled.

Dad came home from his trip and looked at our mess. He said we hadn't shored up the bank so the water pouring down from our waterfall moistened the dirt and ensured the slide.

With dad's help, we lined the pond with river rock, and built the fountain on a base of sunken brick. That fountain was there and still operating 5 years later when we sold the house.

JFargo said...

The first two are definitely my favorite, and these people are really cool for putting this out for display. The water looks absolutely amazing, as you said, falling in sheets.

bobbie said...

The back yard falls and pool are my favorite. Just lovely.

don't feel too bad about your stalled project. If I tried to count mine, it would be difficult. Hmmm Maybe if I posted pictures it would inspire me? Maybe.

Dianne said...

I made a project out of listing all my stalled projects - and then I didn't finish the list.

That hole in your yard looks a lot better than a lot of the stuff going on in my yard.

Diane Mandy said...

WHat?!? You have an unfinished project? It makes me like you even more!

Carletta said...

What a lot of work for those folks! Wonderful accomplishment though.
We have two fish ponds we inherited when we moved into this house. Hubby is presently building a waterfall on one of those so I hope I'll have pics to share.
Water is such a natural element and I love to be able to hear the sound of it.
Maybe with what you've seen on the garden tours you'll have new inspiration to finish yours!

Jodi said...

My kids used to call it makin' rivers. But is fun to play with water no matter how young you are!

Shelly said...

Quilly - Oh my goodnes, did you laugh or cry when it slid and crumbled?

Fargo - What's so amazing to me is that they don't even see it from the house, not even the approach....they use a different street to get to their home.

Bobbie - I wonder if we should do a photo challenge of unfinished projects...mine could go on for quite a few days (months?)...hmmm

Dianne - I like the fact that I captured the big pile of black plastic in the photo, lovely. I too make lists of lists, I feel like I'm getting organized...ya, uh huh.

Diane Mandy - Oh my dear, unfinished projects are my middle name...I'm a great starter, not such a good finisher. I like it that it makes me more like-able...yayyyy!

Carletta - I'm full of inspiration...too much in fact. I'll be watching for those photos of that waterfall your hubby is building. I should try to post mine before you post yours. Aw...prolly won't happen, I'm pretty sure it's a race I won't win.

Jodi - Makin' rivers, that's perfect.