Friday, June 13, 2008

Wild Weeding Woman

While I was merrily blogging along, going to graduations...and graduation parties, making pretty flower arrangements and yummy food for a bridal shower - - - the weeds...ohhhh....the weeds....they were growing and growing. I saw them while I was playing party animal, while I was skipping about gathering flowers for arrangements, but I pretended they weren't there. This week I finally shifted out of denial and addressed the situation, it aint pretty folks....but I'm making progress. The last two nights I worked until I lost the light, this time of year that's after play you pay.
I was laying a few pavers out by the pond, after The Husband mowed the lawn I noticed he had moved them out of the way...I liked this still life he created for me...had to catch the shot. And yes...the ponds are still icky, that green goo is actually quite fascinating to the puppy.

It's not all weeds, the clematis is blooming it's little heart out.

Have a great weekend! I'll be weeding, and going to a couple
of parties...of course ;)


bobbie said...

Don't work too hard. I know you will stop and enjoy those lovely flowers.

Lori said...

Weeds are plants whose virtues are not yet discovered... who said that... cant remember. When I do I will let you know.

They have run amock at my house. We could literally weed on a daily basis and they would be peeking their voracious little heads up again.

quilly said...

Oh I love your new header! Is that one of your shots? Gorgeous.

Weeds, huh? I really wish I had some land for gardening, ut everytime someone says "weeds" I decide I love my condo.

Carletta said...

I thought so! Whoa - you do weed a lot.
Lovely clematis!