Monday, June 2, 2008

Project Blue, Take Two

The iris out by the fish ponds is putting on a really good
show this year, but the ponds are in serious
need of some attention...think slimy green and murky.
While I was working to capture this photo, showing the iris
and making sure the icky ponds weren't in the frame I dang
near fell in.
Now THAT would have made for a good blog story.
It's a two-post day, I want to play along with Anna Carson
in her Project Blue but I also want to finish JFargo's
From The Ground Up...makes for a busy blogger girl!


Robert said...

I went for a walk earlier looking for blue irises or other blue flowers. None of which were to be found. So I'm really glad to have found some here. Great images.

Mar said...

Your picture is beautiful!! love that intense and vibrant blue!

quilly said...

Irises make me happy! This is a gorgeous blue!

Robin said...

Those are stunning!

Gina said...

Incredible blue, they are gorgeous!
Also love the aquilegia in your sidebar. :)

Stacy said...

Wow. Those are beautiful flowers you captured with your lens!

Raven said...

Beautiful. Glad you didn't fall in. I love irises. This really is such a glorious season of the year.

Carletta said...

Great shot - glad you didn't fall in the pond - a murky green Shelly we wouldn't want to see!

ellen b said...

Oh these irises are gorgeous. What a beautiful color!