Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project Blue #3, From the Ground Up

Two projects in one...yippie. It took me a few moments to
realize that this "Blue" qualified for "Up".
I'm not an artist, but I had so much fun painting these clouds
out in the Party Barn. I took my inspiration from a photo I took
while sailing with some friends in the BVI's.
It was a glorious dayand it's great to be reminded of that sky when
I go out to the barnto work on projects.
The picture here is one I took the very first
day I had my digital camera...I just walked around the farm taking
shots...and I didn't have the foggiest idea how to work the thing.
The photo on my blog header was also taken that day.
I'm still tryingto figure out how to work the dang camera,
some days I think it was better when I didn't have a clue.
Sorta like painting the couds...not having a clue how to do it,
I just got up on a ladder and started to paint.


photowannabe said...

For not knowing what you are doing I think you do it very well. You are very talented with a gift. Perfect choice.

Carletta said...

This is a great shot!
The idea of clouds in the top of the party barn is a clever one - you did a nice job!
Blue and Up - nice combo!

Dianne said...

you did a great job painting. when the photo first opened my thought was - what is that? how is the sky reflected there?

the party barn is a great place :)

Raven said...

You seem like an artist to me. Cool photo of your artistic talent too.

Jenty said...

What a lovely paint job!

Lilli & Nevada said...

wow that is a good shot for both

quilly said...

I love those clouds! Please come and paint a window with a view in OC's basement office before he goes insane!

Lori said...

You are talented SHelly. I love coming to your site and looking at your pics.

Also I tagged you from my site. Check it out. I have never been tagged, it was kind of fun.