Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm done sharing

I worked really hard this spring transplanting my raspberry canes. I amended the soil, dug up the old canes, planted them, mulched heavily and then watered really well so they wouldn't suffer transplant shock. The plants were looking great, they blossomed, set berries, those berries started to ripen as I watched in anticipation - ice cream in the freezer and ready to scoop. Well...somebody else was watching too - birds, big mean raspberry eating birds. I finally got a berry yesterday, the birds must have gone on a little 4th of July holiday.

I'm trying to be kind and share, but I've had it. The berries are going to the birds. And the bunnies....oh those dirty rotten bunnies. They have been dining on arugula, beets, sweet peas, sugar peas - all of this is organic mind you, those must be really healthy bunnies.
Oh yeah, they also have a fondness for carex, echinacea, geranium, pennisetum rubrum...just to name a few.

I don't eat bunny, but if anybody out there does...come on over, help yourself...I have a good crop, I hear it tastes like chicken.
I know, that was kinda creepy - but I'm cranky.

What's a farm girl to do?


quilly said...

Bunny is very tasty, but they are not allowed in Hawaii. We'd probably be a lot less green if they were.

Lori said...

Not allowed in hawaii, how funny is that? How great is that. Yeah, I am with you. We installed a fence around our veggies because of the little critters. My husband would love to eat them. I personally do not want to have any part in skinning them, yuck. But I guess if the price of food shoots up enough, I know where to turn for meat.

kenju said...

I feel the same way about the deer and flowers. I haven't planted anything in 2 years, and this summer I planted some moonflower seeds, set up a trellis and they sent sprouts up and began vining, and some deer ate nearly every leaf off the plant. I was livid!!!

Jean Ann Van Krevelen said...

Man, that is the pits...maybe you need a dog and some bird netting!

Your pictures are beautiful, so they must not be getting everything!

tami said...

Build a fence.
Invite some hicks over with their guns.
Make some traps.
Give up and share?
Sorry, that's all I got.

Carletta said...

My hubby is watching our bunnies closely. We do have a fence around the garden so the deer can't get in and the bunnies haven't tried yet.
I think you need some netting over the berries.
Loved the flowers.

Dr.John said...

My dad used to go rabbit hunting when I was little. We had many a meal of bunny. But he had to do the skinning.

Robert said...

Oh Shelly that is too funny. Well not for you I suppose. Post a big sign with a picture of Elmer Fudd saying "Wabbit Season."


What's up doc? No bunny funny up here in Canada. Poor bunnies. It's too bad they are such rascals. Your berries look so fresh. I took a photo of a bush this past weekend. Hope you are well. (and not cranky anymore)

pink dogwood said...

My mom is frustrated with the birds eating all her blueberries. These birds wait till the berries are just ripe, and then go for them.

Dianne said...

I have no good advice! I pretty much let the squirrels and the birds and the cats do what they may.

Your new header shot is amazing. All your photos are amazing.