Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Slushy

Okay, so I'm abandoning the good ship Black and moving on to Garden Party recap...I've had requests for recipes so I gotta feed my peeps!
The photo captures a bit of my table setting and of course front and center is the cocktail I chose to accompany my appetizer menu. Oh yeah, we liked it...a lot - a whole lot.

Here ya go folks.
I made the peach mixture the day before and put it in the freezer, if I did it over again I would do it more than one day ahead. You were supposed to be able to make round scoops of this stuff, sorta like ice cream but the sugar and liquor content made it too slushy to scoop.

Peach Bellini Slushy
1 16 oz. bag frozen peaches - thawed
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup hot water
1/4 cup orange juice
1 cup Proseco
Chambord for drizzling

Heat the sugar and water until the sugar melts, let cool. Put the peaches in a blender on low-med, add cooled sugar water, orange juice...then slowly add 1 cup Proseco. I put this mixture into the freezer in a tupperware container.
When you're ready to serve put a big scoop of the peach mixture into a pretty wine glass (about 1/3 full) drizzle with about 1 teaspoon of Chambord then add some very cold Proseco to the glass and stir. The mixture will fizz so fill the glass slowly. I garnished the glasses with little key lime and kumquat slices, very unusual and pretty dang cute.

So, I've tried these with Champagne, they taste a whole lot better if you use the recommended Proseco - those Italians know what they're doing I tell ya. I've made the original Bellini recipe and even ordered it at Harry's Bar in Venice. This slushy version is a fun twist that I'm quite fond of. I had something similar at The Boathouse Restaurant in White Rock, B.C. and I've been wanting to re-create that recipe ever since, they have them in a giant slushy machine - I need one of those things for the Party Barn!
Tell me what ya think Mar!


Jerrie said...

Sounds (and looks) yummy.

I am going to give Troy the recipe - he is my own personal bartender!

Thanks for the recipe!

quilly said...

Sounds like a yummy summer slushy. I'm wondering how it would taste with mangoes?

Robert said...

So if you must abandon, this sure looks like something worth abandonment. And I'm not even much of a drinker.

Shelly said...

Jerrie - You're more than welcome!

Quilly - I'll bet it would be great with mangoes... or strawberries - yum.

Robert - The Husband thinks it would be good with 7-Up or Mt Dew...we're planning to try it that way.

Carletta said...

What a gorgeous setting!
The lime and kumquat slices caught my eye right away - I really thought the colors complimented each other. It was dang cute!

Jodi said...

Got any left-overs???