Thursday, July 3, 2008

A little piece of quiet

I'm working on a construction project that is three and a half hours away from the farm. We're building an off-grid cabin....well, we're not really building it, we're making an existing structure livable. I try to go and work for a couple of days every week in the summer, sometimes it doesn't work out and I don't get there for a few weeks in a row. While I was driving home night before last I stopped and took this shot. I often see cars pulled over in this spot, folks are out of their cars taking pictures. That night there wasn't a car in view, I loved it that I had the road to myself. In the nearly three years I've been making the drive I've never stopped here, never stood and looked at the view. I'm not that kind of girl, I want to "get there"...that's kinda dumb...I need to get over "getting there" and do more work on "being here".
Cuz really, no matter where ya go, there ya are. What's the rush?


quilly said...

I love stopping to admire the view. I am more a "journey" type person than a "destination" type person. Staying in the moment helps keep me flexible, and that's very important when one works with children.

Carletta said...

I can't believe you've never stopped there - it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Shelly said...

Quilly - I love to sail, and that's so much more about the journey than the destination. I'm just not a "stopper" when it comes to cars, but I'm working on it.

Carletta - I'm going to try to stop more, take pictures and if they're good I'll post them. The first time I saw the view was on our honeymoon and The Husband didn't want to stop...maybe I got it from him...he he.

pink dogwood said...

I envy your construction project - tell us more about it as it happens. I also like to stop - well mostly, unless it is sunday night and tomorrow it is monday and I have to be at work at 7:30 :) I always used to rush my kids to finish dinner so that I can clean up and finish off and I can be done with it. Then I read "In Defense of food" by Michael Pollan and one line from that book stuck to me - "there is a difference between humans and animals - animals feed and humans dine" - that has totally changed my attitude about rushing through dinner. I want to be like Italians and French and take two hour lunches and 3 hour dinners, but for now I will work into stretching our 10 minute dinner to 30 minutes.

Great post - sorry I digressed, but it was along the same line - i.e. journey not the destination.

have a great 4th.

Shelly said...

pink Dogwood - I had a 2 1/2 hour lunch yesterday, it was delightful. I think there is hope for me.
There is a Pollan book on my nightstand book stack waiting to be read, I'm sure I'll learn something.

Robert said...

I'm so glad you stopped. We all get to benefit because you stopped. Thank you. :)