Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is Full of Happy Surprises

Home again!
Oh what a fun weekend. Last Thursday, when I headed out on my road trip, on a whim I called an old high school girlfriend and asked her if she wanted to drive over and join me. Here's the deal, my friend lives a very busy life, she and her husband dairy farm and she has her own business ...I didn't really think there was a chance that she would take me up on my offer, short notice and all. When I called her (from my car, I was already under-way)...she paused...hesitated...and said "I'm gonna DO it!"
The next day she got in her car and made the three + hour drive to a place she's never been...all alone...remember - this is the girl that says her whole life has about a five mile radius. I was proud of her, and yes...very surprised.
The day after she joined me we decided to check out the blues festival that was in the little town where our cabin is. We met up with a lot of my old friends from different parts of the state, what a blast...it was so good to see everyone. We laughed, we talked non-stop, she met some of the friends she's heard me talk about over the years. We were so busy having fun that we completely forgot to take our lawn chairs when we left the blues grounds that evening. I didn't even realize it until the middle of the afternoon the next day. Fooey! The chairs weren't expensive but I was disappointed to think I had lost them.
On my way home the next day I stopped in at the festival, there they were...all alone, right where I left them.
I was surprised again...very surprised, and really happy.


quilly said...

Of course they were still there. What would you expect from God's country?

I am glad you had a fun time and your friend decided to join you. Life needs more moments like that.

Jerrie said...

Sounds like fun! :)

Carletta said...

What a wonderful story.
It's always good to get away and when good friends are involved all the better.
I hope now that she's done it she'll do it again with you.

Dianne said...

I love when spontaneous moments come together!!

Robert said...

That really is a great story. I'm glad you had a great time and that your friend agreed to go on such short notice. Your picture works perfectly with your words.

leesa said...

Life is GOOD. Not only did I get THE invite but I actually went, didn't get too lost, had a ball, had life analyzing talks, made it home in one piece, but I made it on SHELL' BLOG!!! Doesn't get much better then that.
Shelly, thank-you so much....

theSNAPsisters said...

Yea! I hate it when I lose stuff:(