Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Table Settings and Menus

Our annual Garden Party is all about the food, but it's fun to set a really pretty table too. This year I wanted to tie the color of the cocktail and appetizers to the setting. I borrowed moms seashell collection - piled it in the middle of the table around a vase that I filled with white roses and ferns from my garden and ta daaaa...the final result made me really happy. The photo below is of the table with the bellini cocktials. I did the napkins really casual because I was going for a beachy feel, not too contrived.
Our menus are always a big secret, but this year all three of us chose a tropical/beachy theme and menu...crazy coincidence. The photo below is of Karen's table, it was so much fun...she said the pots of grass were her starting point and she went from there. Lots of beach glass, driftwood, seashells - all down the length of the table....absolutely charming.
Tami set hers up under a tent on her patio...the dessert house is always "all about the lighting"...and this was so cool. She used a lamp from her bedroom as the centerpiece, it made for such a romantic setting. Sorry about the photo quality, I'm bummed I didn't get better shots at her house, I kept trying and failing..fooey.

Check out the menu for dessert at Fred and Tami's, she had it set up on a little corner shelf in the tent - each corner held photos of past garden parties. This photo is from the first year...I think that was 2002. The menus at Mark and Karen's house were set into scallop shells at each place setting - what a great idea..I tell ya, these girls are like idea machines...sheesh...if I didn't like them so much I would be intimidated.
The photo below is my menu, I'm not much of a paper crafter but I do cruise the paper aisles at the craft store when the garden party rolls around every year.
Next post? The food....ohhh...the food. It was crazy good I tell ya, I love my foodie friends!


Dianne said...

I love your setting, especially the napkin draped over the top of the plate and the tiny shells!

and the blue table (Tina's?) is beautiful too!!

tami said...

Love to read about it, kind of relive the whole thing through all the pictures and recipes. Because who wouldn't want to live through it again-yummy food and eye candy!

Carletta said...

You guys did a fantastic job! Everything is so festive at everyone's home.

quilly said...

I suppose if we only did our food party once a year, we might go this all out, but last month when the shindig was at my place we ate off paper plates and everybody was super impressed that I bought real paper napkins. (We're ALL about the company, and have a bit of interest in the food).

quilly said...

Oh! I forgot -- so, I'm saving these posts to share with my friends and I'm going to tell them we have to step it up a notch. (I only own 4 plates. Looks like some shopping is in order.)