Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project Black, Take Three

I'm a day behind on my posts for PB, last night was the 7th annual progressive dinner/ garden party that we do with friends. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun.
Imagine my delight when I walked up to my friend Tami's patio and her table setting was all in black and white! Yippie! It was so incredibly beautiful I could hardly stand it.

This morning I got out my camera and loaded my pictures onto my trusty little laptop, excited to blog about the event and thrilled I had a photo from the evening that would work for Project Black. When I went to sign on to the internet I got nothin' except an error screen. Ohhh nooooo!
I was flipping out, thought for sure I had some kind of virus. It was then that I realized that I'm a serious blog-a-holic. I went to the other computer (no pictures on that one) and I could get onto the internet, my suspicions were confirmed - the problem was with my sweet little laptop computer.

After hours of trying to figure out what was wrong I found the answer. My computer has been attacked by the dreaded BLACK DEVIL DOG VIRUS - BEWARE.

Here's what to look for when you suspect that BLACK DEVIL DOG VIRUS has attacked your computer or anything that may be connected to your device.

My table for last night is still set up in the back yard, I think I need to go attack those leftovers. See that bottle? I think it has my name on it.
If you'd like to see more photos of the garden party I'll be posting all about it soon. My friend and fellow blogger/garden partier Tami blogged about it today too, she's posted some great pictures - I know she would love it if you stopped by.


photowannabe said...

Funny how those "viruses" cause all sorts of problems. Progressive dinners are so much fun. Glad yours was a sucess.

quilly said...

What?! No left overs?!

Beware that Black Devil Dog Virus. I understand it also attacks things like shoes and throw pillows.

Lori said...

So innocent looking. Such destrution. Who knew that behind those beautiful eyes was a virus spreader.

So so cute. Could just hug 'em on my computer screen.

tami said...

Such a wonderful evening. I can't stop thinking about how special everything was for us.

First purses, seat belts, lumber but now the computer world! Your link to the rest of the world under attack. Bad doggie.

Carletta said...

Oh wow! That table setting is beautiful - you guys really do go all out!
Doggie Devil is so sweet looking - I'm not sure that name fits. :)
Even your wire is photographed with great composition.

Wonderful post.

Robert said...

The black devil dog cracked me up. The chewed up wire alone made for a great Project Black entry!

Amber Star said...

Black Devil Dog funny!

Your parties with your friends are somewhat more formal than ours. That was a gorgeous table and I can hardly wait to hear about the whole thing.

Dianne said...

oh the table settings are gorgeous and your friend's table - that photo is wonderful, the light, the reflection on the glass - just wow!

I believe the Doggie virus has also morphed into Cat Claw 2.0 - at least around my computers. digging for wire and stepping on power strips is a fave pastime

doggie may chew wires but doggie is beautiful, what a profile!!

juliana said...

that's the cutest virus i have ever seen!
great shots.

jodi said...

I think the black dog wants you to put the lap top down and play with him...he's a smart cookie!

Raven said...

Oh, no... he looks so sweet and innocent too. Sorry I am late visiting.

Laura said...

I love that pic of the doggy! She looks so shiny and bright!