Monday, September 29, 2008

I think she "gets" me

My friend Judy sends me the funniest forward e-mails of anybody I know.
This week I have a huuuuge...and I mean HUUUUGE list of stuff I would like to get done before a party we're hosting in the barn on Saturday night. Most of it is stuff that has been on "the list" for-freaky-ever but none the's on the list. Two days ago The Husand informed me that I won't see him much this week, farming plans have changed and they're "choppin" grass and corn - that means the days start around 6 here and there's a pretty good chance I won't see the whites of his eyes until around ten in the evening, there's a chance he may not be at the party Saturday evening (sad blogger girl). That means I don't have help, nobody to hold the other end of the board, nobody to help me shove stuff around...that means I'm on my own with "the list". Ohhh well...I'm sure the party will be big fun even if I don't make it halfway down the list, it's all about good friends and good times....who cares if the setting isn't quite what I had hoped for. I really hope The Husband can make it to the party...hope hope hope.

This morning I got this in an e-mail from Judy...the girl has perfect timing.
Oh...and on a very sad note. My camera and my computer are refusing to communicate!
NOooooooo.......! This week is so full of photo ops...fooey!
When I try to upload photos from the camera to the computer the little window on the camera says (NO COMMUNICATION)....anybody got any ideas on how I can make them kiss and make up?


Minkydo said...

Love that coffee sign! I could use one of those drinks :)


Serve your camera and your computer one or two of those drinks each and by closing time, all should be well again...xo

Carletta said...

I sure hope Hubby gets to come to the party.
Are you going to be serving up those drinks at the party - save me one!! :)

Lori said...

Oh man I will take one of thos to go! Like every morning!

I would say to reload your software for the camera. Have you made any chages on either?

I would also troubleshoot on the camera, meaning see if there is any info int he manual.

I dunno. I hope you fix it soon cause I love your pics.

Sorry about your husband. My husband picked a hectic canning season to have this huge deadline at work. Oh such great timing. After 61 quarts of tomato sauce and a screaming two year old... one of those drinks please!