Monday, November 24, 2008

And she rants...againnnn?

I'm going buggy. Citi got bailed out this morning, over the weekend they announced that they were just fine, their assets were secure - and this morning...a big fat bail-out.
What I want to know is who exactly is doing the math here?
Good grief!

Speaking of math. My darling niece is attending a state university. The university is having serious financial difficulties. The FBIS (Fat Boy In Suit) who has the groovy job of running the U makes $888,000 a year, he's taking a little heat about his salary so he's opted not to accept his most recent bonus/cost of living increase? Isn't that nice of him, but he's made it clear he's not willing to accept a decrease in his salary.

Oh My Giant Bucket of Crap!

$888,000 % 12 = $74,000. each and every month..think about guy, driving up to the bank window to deposit his monthly paycheck - it's freaky people....just plain freaky!
It's a state university... our state is pretty much bankrupt.
I know I know, our country is full of these people.

Last week the news was full of reports about pirates off the coast of Somalia taking over oil tankers and holding them for ransom.
In my mind this guy is no different than those pirates.

Perhaps it's time for a little bit of mutiny on this ship called the USA Bounty?

Sorry about the rant, I had to get it out.

UW President Mark Emmert makes $905,000 a year according to the Seattle Times.
Sorry 'bout not having my facts straight, I mean really...what's $17,000 among friends.
Well Mark, that's what a lot of folks live on for a whole year.
Imagine that.


bobbie said...

Don't blame you one bit. We're all ready to flip out. The arrogance! The complete selfishness! the blindness to any kind of moral awareness!

At least today it was a pleasure to listen for a half hour to a Head of State (to be) actually talking sense and in whole sentences that we could understand.

Dianne said...

I too felt a bit of hope during Obama's press conference, especially when he mentioned creating new jobs and higher taxes for millionaires.

I would love to be part of a mutiny - what do you have in mind?

Lori said...

Ohh I cant blame you. The greed is astounding. I try not to think about it because it only gets my tail feathers in a ruffle. My husband would love to see a mutiny!

I just have my fingers and toes crossed that the new President has some fast moving, big ideas, that will help curb this downward trend. Scary!

I am going to stop here because I too could do quite a few posts about this!

Jerrie said...

Thanks. Just thanks.

quilly said...

Do you know how long I could live on his monthly paycheck -- even here in Hawaii?!

Carletta said...

I hear you Shelly!
I'm ok, but I wonder who would bail me out if I couldn't pay my bills. It's a question I keep asking over and over and over.

Carletta said...

Forgot to say I really love that pin!