Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear Mr. President Elect

Back when you were campaigning and you told us that your girls would be getting a puppy, specifically a rescue puppy....a lot of us were quite pleased that was the course you would be taking. I don't want to have to get cranky with you about this, but is it my imagination or are you doing a little bit of back peddling on this one?

Please don't do that.

I understand that your daughter has allergies, so you can't get just any old rescue dog...but you can certainly find a specific breed through the rescue system.

Check out Seattle Purebred Rescue, I'm sure they would be happy to put you in touch with a Purebred Rescue organization in your area.

A lot of us out here really want to see a whole bunch of folks adopt rescue dogs, let's face it...if you do it, you'll be inspiring a vast number of others to do it as well.

Please don't disappoint us, there are just far too many great dogs in shelters out there that need homes!
Oh yeah....and I think you'll have plenty of room at that house you're moving to, I've been's quite lovely.

Thanks for listening,
I'm just another American who knows the joy of having rescue dogs join the family and hope you will too.


Cote de Texas said...

Why not write his campaign headquarters? This is a wonderful idea! I'm sure though they will get a political correct dog probably. too funny.

thanks for your wonderful comment - you are toooo sweet!!!

quilly said...

Shelly -- I hope he gets this letter! Expanding on Cote de Texas' suggestion, maybe you should print your blog post and all the comments out and mail them to his campaign headquarters.

Jerrie said...

Yes please. Get a rescue dog...there are so many I am sure there is the perfect one out there somewhere.

I agree, Shelly you need to send this on! :)

Carletta said...

Exactly - after all, he is the President-Elect! He has a LITTLE pull for heaven's sake.

Blushing hostess said...

What a beautiful blog and thank you for coming to visit me and leaving a comment!! I can see I have readers but they are painfully shy and it is like pulling teeth to get a comment out of even my own Mother!

I have a rescue pup around here somewhere - chasing something on a wing surely. My, he is a kind and loving creature - I wish the pure breed corgi would take a few lessons from him!

Anwyay, glad to find you too. I will read along with you now.
The Hostess

tami said...

Good letter. Could this be the beginning of many broken campaign promises?
It isn't nice to promise kids a dog and then back pedal. I hope he can turn this around and find a rescue dog, he should have enough press to get the word out to find the right rescue dog...

gel said...

Yes, I agree.
BTW, I'm delighted to have found another bibliophile. I noticed your list of books in your sidebar. I'm an avid reader, too and should make a "page" for my blog. (I don't spend all of my time photographing or painting.)

Several on your list have been recommended to me. I'll read through your blog to find if you've commented on those books.

I LOVED Water for Elephants.
Also Enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl
Couldn't get into Eat, Pray, Love
Just finished Snowflower and the Secret Fan: Fantastic (no pun intended)

Bill said...

well that's one and he ain't RULED a day yet.

jodi said...

Rescuing a dog is a great idea! Maybe they want Charlie. I think he is hypo-allergenic. Pretty sure...yep he is.

Lori said...

Hairless from Peru? Thank you but no thank you, we have our own puppies waiting.