Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kitchen Nightmares

I've been reading house porn again, that's what I call decor magazines. They're my weakness, aw could be so much worse, that's what I tell The's just House Beautiful and Traditional Home (ok...and a few more).

I found this kitchen photo online and I actually figured out how to save it, sorry to say after all of that I can't remember where I found it. I loooove the look of this kitchen, in order for it to work in my house I would have to shrink it down to about half the size, hmmm...probably even less.

I've only been dreaming about a new kitchen for twenty eight years. Right now I have curling 70's linoleum, a leaking fridge, a non-functioning dishwasher and brand new stains on the carpet that leads to the dining room because the washer sprung a leak a couple of weeks ago -yay! Oh yeah, the washer and dryer in the kitchen....true multi-tasking.

My daydreams of a new kitchen have now wormed their way into my dreams at night...only they're not so dreamy. I've been taking pain meds and muscle relaxers (crappy back) and they always give me strange dreams, last night was a doozy. My dream was that I finally committed to a kitchen remodel and ordered the cabinets above...only they didn't fit. The kitchen island in the photo was installed in my existing kitchen, and there wasn't room for anything couldn't even walk in the door, the whole kitchen was one big beautiful granite topped island - no fridge, no sink, no nothin'. Just one giant island that you couldn't even walk around.
Of course my favorite decorators were there to tell me I should have known better than to design my own kitchen, even my favorite decor bloggers were there to tell me what dummy I was.
Big bunch of meanies.

Now wonder I'm scared to remodel.


pink dogwood said...

That is a funny dream. When my alarm went off at 5 yesterday morning, I was in a middle of a business meeting with this product manager at work, drawing up scenarios on white board - I know pathetic. I think I would take your nightmare over mine :)

quilly said...

So, dreams of islands that keep you out of the kitchen, hmm? Maybe its time to book a trip to Hawaii.

Robin Sue said...

Whoa, what a dream! A whole kitchen of Island, pretty funny. Well you wouldn't have to mop!

Lori said...

Fabulous kitchen. Oh to dream. Kind of hard to think about doing a big project when you dont know what the economy is going to do.

Trying to get something new to work in the present situation. Hmmm.

Carletta said...

Get off those meds and soon! :)

That is a lovely kitchen. In my kids at home days it would have been grand but with just me and Hubs to cook for I got all I need.

Cheryl said...

Ha! I thought you were writing about MY kitchen. It's only 15 years old. The floor is completely worn out from 3 dogs and 2 teenagers! My stove konked out (the oven part), so I can't cook a turkey! It will take us about 3 months to save up for a new one. I think I'll start dreaming of a new kitchen, too.