Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Million Dollar View

I drive by this little restaurant once or twice a week, and I'm almost always in too much of a hurry to stop. This past weekend we finally gave it a try.
I'm so glad we did.
This is the view from where I was sitting, yeah...they call it their million dollar view.
The best part? Besides the view? You can get a burger for five bucks!
The food was great, the beer was cold, and the service was fabulous.
If you're local give them a whirl, I think you'll be glad you did.

Blue Mountain Grill
Highway 9
Acme, Washington


quilly said...

Looks like home to me. Speaking of which, every other year we spend the summer in Friday Harbor, and this is the year.

tami said...

And the mountain looks blue-cool.
Glad you got away and took time for the stop.
Enjoy the journey...

Diane Mandy said...

Great view and great food? Wow. Seems like too much to hope for.

Carletta said...

And what a view it is! Wow - I think I'd have to linger over dessert. :) I'm thinking...pie?

Cote de Texas said...

Wow - what view - how some people live is fascinating!!! We are flat flat flat here. I wish I had views like that!!!

Thanks so much for the BD wishes!!


bobbie said...

A fabulous view! I'm glad the food was good too.