Friday, November 7, 2008

When The Going Gets Tough!

I get busy.
There was so much bizarre energy floating around this week with the election, the economy, weather issues...I had to find things to distract me.
I cooked like a bandit, yup...there was a cook-a-rama in my kitchen. Now there are a lot of homemade meals in the freezer, food to warm us up when we come in from working outside and we're cold and wet. Chili, chicken soup, potato soup and old fashioned pea soup.
When I wasn't cooking I was moving stuff around, I sorted things, moved all of the Christmas decorations to a new location. I found stuff I had totally forgotten about, I found the old files I used when I was planning our wedding. I should just get rid of most of it. That's what happens when you've never moved. I live in the same house I moved into when we got married 28 years ago, The Husband has lived here since January of 1966...that's a really long time!
It's fun to look through the old stuff, it's like a giant memory book up in the attic....but really, why on earth am I keeping my old roller skates?
Oh yeah...and I found a pair of Candies mules...circa 1978, I put them on, clomped around the attic...and promptly took them off before I broke an ankle.
How the heck did I ever walk around in those things? Walk! I think I disco danced in them!
No wonder I have bad feet 30 years later.


Jerrie said...

You're funny. I wanna see you disco! :)

Throwing things out is so hard...and I LOVE looking through old boxes - mine, other is like a trip to the past!


Mrs Parks said...

From Candies to Birkenstocks, the story of my life!

quilly said...

Candies! I had a closet full of three inch heels. I could walk, run, skip -- and dance all night in them. Are you telling me that is why I [barely] hobble around in orthopedic shoes now?

kenju said...

I have a hint for you; unless you plan to show those old files on your blog, or to your children, throw them out now!! It's less to clean out when you are old.

Mr. kenju has a friend who is married to a woman who wears 3 1/2" Candies slides every day of her life. She is over 70 years old. I don't know how she does it.

tami said...

I think Candies are back in style. So, I'll look forward to seeing you at holiday parties in you Candies!

Carletta said...

Shelly you remind me of my move last year. We had lived in the same house for almost 24 years but with almost 34 years of accumlated life. What a task to move 500 miles!
Discarded lots, still kept a Washington,DC felt hat I got in the eighth grade and a pair of red Dr. Scholls wooden sandals - an original pair.
Memories....and we hold on dearly.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

I'm imagining you doing the "Hustle" on those skates. :-)
I go on clearing out sprees, give to charity or my family, especially my daughter who finds something cool of mine to wear or is so "weird", it's officially ordered to remain. Memories...Photographs and memories
Glad you dropped by. Hope you make it a regular habit! :)