Thursday, November 6, 2008's a hunter

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny fall day.
Today...not so much. When I got up this morning it was raining, the wind was blowing...the leaves were flying off the trees and sticking to the windows because they're zooming sideways.
Bergie doesn't care if it's windy and rainy...she's happy to run around the farm in any kind of weather. I try to make sure she stays close to me but sometimes she chases a bunny, a duck, a crow, a bug, a name it....and she'll chase it with all of the puppy enthusiasm she can muster.
A few minutes ago a stranger came to the door and asked if he could duck hunt in the corn field. I told the guy no, told him I have a new dog that I'm working on training but she's not really there yet...I just can't take any chances with her. I didn't tell him that I hate the sound of shotguns, it completely freaks me out.
Why on earth do I feel guilty? I don't know the guy, I don't like guns, I have a puppy who is easily distracted....and heck...the cornfield isn't that big and it's bordered by two roads that have a fair amount of traffic, it's not really a good place to be shooting off firearms.
I keep running all of these reasons through my head...and still...


quilly said...

I did some hunting today. Wait until you see what I bagged. Though I promise I didn't do it anywhere anyone or anything could get hurt. Oh, and I didn't kill.

Don't feel guilty. Next time you tell a hunter no, explain that ever since you broke your bridge on a bit of buckshot in an ear of corn you haven't allowed anyone to hunt in your fields. Then ask him to hold his hand out while explaining that you're going to spit your bridge in it so he can see the repair .... he'll be gone before you finish talking.

Carletta said...

No feeling guilty!
When I moved back to WV I knew I was moving into Almost Heaven, but hunting heaven as well. It's something I try to come to some terms with. If deer hunting wasn't allowed we would be over run with them; but, they won't be hunted on the open 2 acres right around my house!