Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Basal Cuts and Budget Cuts

My lovely corsican hellibore...last year.
It's nice to have a picture, since that's all I'm going to get this year.
There will be no blossoms on my corsicans this spring...the cold and the snow did them in, the whole plant was flattened by the snow, the freezing temps didn't help a whole lot - the poor thing is a big pile of mush.
So, today...I gave the little darlings a buzz cut, they're not a total loss...there is new growth, there just won't be any of those lovely flowers for me to admire out my kitchen window.
Sad blogger face.

There could be some big changes in the garden this year, lots of winter damage...a few things look like they're total gonners.
Prune heavy my friends, no sense forcing a plant to struggle to maintain dead or dying branches...take a deep breath and make the cut.

Sort of reminds you of the economy...doesn't it?


bobbie said...

Yes, it does.
We were fortunate here. No heavy snow damage. Sorry about your victims in the garden.

quilly said...

So sorry. Maybe a stimulus package .... You know, some especially aromatic manure.

Carletta said...

Love the comparison!

pink dogwood said...

so sorry to hear that - but you said that there was new growth - so you will see them next year? hopefully?

tami said...

I have some dead things here as well. Some more obvious than others. I have replacement ideas!

Dianne said...

it does! as Bobbie said, we had an easy winter snow wise not that I'm much of a gardener anyway

I'm sure you'll work miracles

Lori said...

Poor little thing.

Lisa said...

Oh, that first cut is soooo hard. It's like you're about to harm your bff!

Just like a band-aid though... just rip it off... that's the best thing to do.

I'll observe a moment of silence for the blooms you won't get to see this year. :(