Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Evil Troll

Adding on to the farmhouse.

There...I said it. Now I'll never get a building permit.
I made a little trip to the county building permit office to ask some questions about getting a building permit to add on to the farmhouse. The Husband finally admitted he's never going to move. If this is going to be where I'm going to live until my dying days it might be a good idea to make it "old lady friendly" - that means a bedroom and bathroom on the same floor, right now the bedrooms are upstairs and the one bathroom is on the main floor. Negotiating the stairs in the middle of the night with arthritic joints is becoming more of a challenge.
The guy in the permit office was a creep...there were three other people who weren't, but the guy that they made me talk to about the process of adding on couldn't have been less helpful.
Here's a little of the conversation...I'm still seething.

Him: Who is drawing the plans?
Me: I've drawn it to scale and your inspector told me I should be fine.
Him: Do you even know how to draw a plan?
Me: Uh...well...I aced my drafting and design class but that was a few years ago.
Him: You think you can draw a plan? Are you an engineer?
Me: No, I'm not...
Him: I require a plan of the existing structure, a plan of the proposed addition, section elevation drawings and site photos.
Me: Okay...I've done that. Anything else?
Him: They're probably not to scale.
Me: Actually...they are.
Him: But you said you're not an architect or an engineer....they're probably not to scale.

At that point in the conversation I got a hot flash...or perhaps it was seething rage...not sure.
The evil troll inside of me is doing a freaky little happy dance that the construction boom in the county has come to a screeching halt.
Maybe that little creep at the county permit office will get laid off....
Oh...I can think that but I shouldn't really blog it.
Hot flash.
I did.
I AM the evil troll.
I am the evil troll that will never get a building permit.
Oh well, one more excuse to not spend the money on an addition.


Dianne said...

what a jerk he is!! no way you're evil or a troll - let alone an evil troll

next time ask him if his penis is "to scale" with that of a grown man ;)

bobbie said...

I worked in Planning and Zoning for years - right next to the Construction Office. Occasionally you find a good guy in there. Mostly you don't. Don't ask me why, but Construction officials do seem to be real jerks, quite often. They like to give people a hard time - throw their weight around. If he was only the Building Inspector, try asking to talk to the Construction Official.

Jerrie said...

You aren't the troll...he is the troll!

Good luck with a remodel/addition. Another project!

quilly said...

If you must talk to him again and he asks like a jerk, ask him for a copy of his job description. When he asks why, tell him you were wondering if the sexist insults are a required component of his job, or if they are part of his own personality. Then say, "Your job description will help my lawyer clarify whether we're suing, just you, just the county, or both."

kenju said...

Yikes! Jerk is right. If I were you, I'd send a letter to his supervisor pronto!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Dianne and Quillys'comments crack me up!~ all you wished is that he loses his job?? I think that shows great growth on your part!!haha.. I think i got an "in" at that office, let me know if you need her~ sissy

Ziongirl said...

Evil Little Man!!!
Don't give up!!!

Lori said...

If you had gone to his car, slashed all his tires, I might consider you an evil troll.

Who wouldn't be mad? He was the troll. And a snot! Why do people have to act like this? He must have one miserable existence!

theSNAPsisters said...

You may have to call a professional???

Lisa said...

ROFL. Dianne said it all!!