Thursday, March 5, 2009


A lovely raspberry vine in my garden last year...yummmmm!

Just ducking into blogland to share something I learned about today.
such a fabulous idea!
I'm incredibly fortunate (and sometimes overwhelmed ) because there is a whole lot of space here at the farm for me to play at being a gardener.
When I moved here in 1980 the yard was about 1/4 of what it is now. Yep, I'm a gardener run amok - the garden has grown to the south, west and north...I couldn't go east because there is a road in my way ;)
This site I bumped into today is for folks who don't have the space for a garden...and for folks who do but would like someone to share the toil as well as the bountiful harvest!
Most of the folks I know have enough room to grow a garden, but just in case there is somebody out there wandering around on blogs I thought it was worth it to pass the info along.
Okay...I'm back to pruning roses, planting peas and watching patiently for that first daffodil.


quilly said...

I have little baby tomatoes and green peppers growing in my backyard! I go out and peek at them every day! I also have little baby papaya way up in the tree!

bobbie said...

What a lovely idea, sharing a garden! I miss being able to do much gardening. Enjoy it!

tami said...

Our church has a community garden. They started last summer and it is really taking off. Big plans for this year, anyone is welcome! Liberty and Sixth Streets.

Lori said...

Its an interesting proposition. I checked it out and it looks like it is only in the NW at this time.

theSNAPsisters said...

Love the raspberry pic-I want to pick it and eat it!
Nice to see you out from under the drywall yesterday!

Carletta said...

My Mom visited Sunday and looked at my berry vines and said it looks like you're going to have some berries - I think she pretty much knows so I expect good things.