Monday, March 30, 2009

Bistro Baffi

Chef Michael with the birthday girl

The good news...I have a new favorite restaurant, the bad news is that it's two-plus hours away from home!
Saturday night we had a little birthday dinner for my friend Diane at Bistro Baffi in Burien.
Eveything about this place is delightful. The decor is warm and cozy, the staff is attentive and charming. The food? In a word, absolutely fabulous.

There are a lot of restuarants that serve great food, but these days...if I'm going to dine out I want the total experience. I'm thinking twice before I spend money at a restaurant, a lot of people are doing the same. This little Bistro makes sure that every patron feels special, I noticed that Chef Michael stops at every table to make sure of that.

I just wish I didn't live so far away.


Quilldancer said...

But if you lived closer, it would be more difficult to choose not to go out, and you don't want to waist your money now do you?

(Pun intended, in case you wondered.) ;)

theSNAPsisters said...

WHat no pictures of food? bummer.

Shelly said...

Quilly - You're right...I would want to go there all the time - great food and it was just plain fun!

Jodi - I know...we were so busy having a great time that I barely remembered to take the photo of the chef...too much laughing...too much talking. Click on the site, the food pictures are exactly how it shows up at the table.

theSNAPsisters said...

Hi SHelly! Thanks for the comment on my new blog!

Lori said...

I havent seen a handle bar moustach since my Grandfatehr was around!