Sunday, March 15, 2009

Country Living Envy

photo from Country Living

I love this picture. The garden shed, the pathway...all of it.
It's a little messy...and I still think it's stinking cool.
Why is it that when a magazine like Country Living publishes a photo like this one I think it looks so perfect, quite beautiful actually.

Here at the farm we have all of the above, the shed, the peeling paint, the weedy pathway... the sparsley planted corn because the crows got to the seeds before they germinated, it's all here...all the time.
Here at the farm I think it's all a big mess that needs to be cleaned up, painted, weeded, replanted....
but in Country Living it's stinking cool.

Is there therapy for that?


quilly said...

Shelly, once a nut, always a nut. Sorry.

Lisa said...

same here... i always think my yard is never good enough but i love these photos of other places... i guess we should learn to be happy with all of it and stop stressing!

Paula and Skip said...

I love this Bohemian, it is what you are not what the magazine makes you want to be... or so..

Lori said...

Its all in the angles. Dude, you just got to look at it froma different angle!

I am off to watch Victor Borga on PBS. Ciao.

Cote de Texas said...

Thanks so much for your comment today!!! the powder room WAS gorgeous!!!


Dianne said...

funny, when I see pictures of your place I feel like I'm looking at a Country Living cover :)

How did Miss Snotty Face do at the dog park?

tami said...

Whimsical in a photo shoot. Sloppy and unkempt in real life. By the way, I am sure that is a total disaster in the areas surrounding that romantic little shed.

We all have one photo worthy area in our gardens and homes, it what surrounds it that is not in the picture that is real life.

Ziongirl said...

"The garden shed". When I was a small child my grandmother had once just like this and I would pretend it my house. "giggles". I remember she grew wild rhubarb and we would sit with bowls of sugar ....cut the rhubarb and dip it in the sugar. It was yummy!!!