Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Diva of Destruction

The Tally:

My purse - she ate the handles off.

My other purse - she ate the handles off...I see a pattern.

Truck seat belts - she chewed the clickers to bits...we can't "buckle up for safety".

Truck seat belts - assault # 2, ate the straps....guess they kinda look like purse handles.

The seat of the truck - she ate a big hole in the upholstery and
foam where the seat belt comes out...looking for a purse I guess.

Three frisbees - chewed to bits, this I can handle...they were free.

Every tennis ball we've ever owned since the 70's - lost, chewed or eaten...
don't think we've played tennis since the 70's...not a big deal.

Two computer cords - whewww....I thought my computer was broken, it's just a cord, they
know me now down at Radio Shack and laugh when I walk in the door.

Electric adaptor - good thing it wasn't plugged in.

Eight stuffed animals - shredded to bits...she's so dang cute with stuffing hanging from her lip.

Three blankets - she just eats off the corners...she prefers it if the corners on blankies
are rounded off I guess.

Wood scraps - every block of wood she can find laying around has the corners rounded off,
I call her the "canine router"...rounding off the sharp edges of my life is her job.

Yesterday I walked into the back yard to see gray foam bits scattered all over the grass - it "was" the cushion for the couch in the party barn....we're having a party there next Saturday night....a cushion-less couch really isn't going to work so good.

The list goes on...we still like her, and laugh at her - laughing is good for the soul - laughing at your dog who eats all your stuff is good for your soul but kinda hard on the wallet.
Folks tell me she's going to be a really nice dog in a few years when she grows up...hope she doesn't eat the house before she settles down.


Jerrie said...

Maybe you need to feed her more. (haha)!

Lucky she is so darn cute! and really...this whole "buckle up for safety" thing might be highly overrated!

Good luck!

Robert said...

Oh my gosh that's quite a list. She's just too cute though.

Sorry I have not been around here much. I'm super busy at work. I hope things slow down a bit for me so I can be back to posting and commenting more.

Carletta said...

But she looks so innocent!

Diane Mandy said...

I relate! When Charlie was a pupster he would OPEN my shoe boxes to get at and chew up my ballroom dance shoes, which cost a good $120 a pair. I still can't figure out why he only at my shoes though?

Dianne said...

Get a pile, I mean a HUGE pile, of cheap belts and cheap stuffed animals - give her several a day. This is why you need a HUGE pile lol

Leave them in all the places she likes to look - such as the truck, wherever you put your purse ...

It works and the cost of piles of cheap crap pays for itself in saved purse handles.

Minkydo said...

She is a cutie :) I have a few pups like that. *lol*