Friday, September 5, 2008

Drive by Door Hunting

I was at the cabin this week working on construction and painting projects. I thought for sure I would be able to find cool doors for Jientje's Opening Doors photo challenge. It's an area with a lot of creative people, funky artists...I really thought I would come back home with a plethora of photos to post. Tuesday evening I jumped in the new rig and went for a drive, I found a stunning sunset.

A fixer-upper, I think this one would be too much work...even for me. No doors on this one.

And only one interesting door photo. This is at the pub where we like to go if we're in the moood for some great food in a casual setting.

The carving over the door was done by a local artist.
I was pretty disappointed, I drove for miles and this was the only cool door I could find. I guess I live in the land of boring doors.
Check out my link to Jiente's blog, now that blog has some cool doors!


Carletta said...

Glorius sunset!
Your cabin definitely more run down than mine; but I would love to have the old aged wood to build with.
Love the bird carving - someone is very talented.
I think I'd like your little neck of the woods really well!

Carver said...

Beautiful sunset. I would count the first as having doors, they are just permanently open. I like the carving on the pub door a lot.

quilly said...

Oh! I liked every photo! The sunset is exquisite. The old building is all about open doors! And that carving above the pub door is an incredible piece of art!