Monday, September 22, 2008

The Inspector

I'm speckled, streaked and smeared. It's a mad dash around the farm and at the cabin. Trying to get things sanded and painted before the weather changes and the paint brushes get put away ... who am I kidding - I never put my paint brushes away. I just move inside and paint inside the house, inside the barn, inside the cabin. The weather at the cabin hasn't been cooperating, I've loved the warm weather but it's not the best idea to paint when it's hot outside. Saturday I was prepping and painting the eaves at the cabin, the temp was almost perfect, the sun wasn't beating down on the area I was painting...when the wind kicked up - it was blowing the paint right off my brush! Ohh welll...there's always next week.Solid stain on the eaves, I'm a little sad to see the weathered eaves go by the wayside, we pulled off the old warped fascia board and decided not to replace them. The details of the open rafters gives just a little bit of pop to the exterior.
I had a visitor! It made my day to see this praying mantis. I never see them at the farm but this is the second one I've seen at the even stayed put so I could get a photo. I guess it was inspecting my paint job, making sure I was doing things according to code.
This week? Moooorre painting. ;)


Dianne said...

I love that you have eaves! I just find that so cool ;)

We had 2 praying mantis in the yard just yesterday. My son was mowing when he realized and I was so thrilled to discover I have rubbed off on him.

He left their patch of the lawn alone for fear of killing them and then this morning he went out to check on them.

They were both hanging out on the side of the shed :)

Carletta said...

Hi Shelly,
I love the look of the weathered eaves but I know they wouldn't last long without some kind of protective covering - I just love the old wood look.
I've seen praying mantis pics all over blogland and have yet to see one for real - great capture.