Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm not ready

I'm not ready for summer to be over. There is a little bit of pouting going on over here at this old farm.
This is our puppy, she doesn't do a whole lot of pouting...rain, sleet, snow, hail...she could care less. Life is one big party as far as she is concerned, as long as there is someone to throw a ball or take her for a walk out in the field.
Speaking of parties, Jientje is hosting a photo challenge over at her blog this week, it's called Opening Doors. This photo doesn't really qualify because it's technically a gate, but I'm hoping to get out and about this week and I'll be on the lookout for groovy doors. If you're interested why not play along, got any cool doors in your neck of the woods?


Jientje said...

Gates are just fine, what made you think its not?
Anything you have to go through, to get in a different place is a door to me. I don't know if I said it right, but that's what I would like it to be!

Dragonstar said...

That does too qualify - gates are sort of doors, aren't they? And showing a cutie like that gets you off to a good start!

Carletta said...

A gate is a door to the yard or garden. As a matter of fact - I'm using one later in the week.
I think puppy wants on the other side!

Mojo said...

Who is ready for summer to be over?

Wait a minute... summer, winter, spring... once the kids are grown the only real difference is the weather.

But you get really great photos in summer that's for sure.

Minkydo said...

You had a summer? I think we had a handful of summer like days.