Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

It's been a busy week, I was at the cabin working on projects for three days. Got home really late Thursday night. Friday morning I went to work on projects here at the farm...there is always something, especially at this time of the year. When the sun shines I need to shift into high gear and get as much done as I can before the weather turns rainy and chilly and all outside projects come to a screeching halt.
I like all of it, the painting, the fix-it stuff, the projects... it's fun for me to hatch a plan, get the supplies and wade knee deep into whatever it is that needs doing.

I spent this morning out in the party barn moving stuff around, making lists for an upcoming party, figuring out the seating and where the food table should go. While I was in the house for lunch the phone rang, it was my friend Karen..she wanted to know if we had plans for this - unless you count weeding and maybe a little bit of "honey can you help me move this stuff?". She invited us over for appies and wine...yayyy! Here's the best part, she told me if I want to bring a snack to share I'm not allowed to go to the grocery can only be whatever I have in the house.
Doncha just love friends like that?
I found a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer, they're already defrosted and steamed...I just need to add the marinade once they're chilled and I'll be ready to party!


Dianne said...

I do love friends like that, hope the evening is fun :)

Carletta said...

So Shelly are you saying so many things to do and so little time!
Love the flower pic - gorgeous color!
Have fun at the party. Hope you take lots of pictures.