Friday, September 26, 2008

How Was Your Day?

Conversation at This Old Farm this week:

S - me

H - my hubby

The Husband came home from work a couple of days ago, this was our conversation.

S- Hi was your day?
H - Terrible. My head hurts, I'm filthy and my jeans are ripped.
S - Terrible? What happened.
H - A Bard owl attacked me, smacked me in the back of the head and knocked me down.
S - No way!
H - Then a mean heifer went crazy, tried to run over me and while she was at it she knocked me to the ground and I got cow crap all over me.
S - Ohhh, noooo!
H - Then I was vaccinating a calf and it freaked out, tried to kick the crap out of me and while she was at it she ripped my jeans all the way down the side.
S - Aw poor thing, go in the house, get something to eat, and then come back out here and help me okay?

Poor guy...he barely got away from a crazy bird and mean heifer, only to come home to a crazy bird who was a mean old heifer who made him work with her after he got home from work.
Oh yeah...and while we were working out in the yard I picked up a rock to get it out of the way, I tossed it aside...ooopppsss, he zigged when he should have zagged and the rock hit him in the face.
I felt really really bad.

John Denver was so very wrong. Life on the farm IS NOT LAID BACK!


Dianne said...

Is this a true story!!?

Poor guy. All in one day.

You're so sensitive lol

tami said...

I know you just hate it when I say, "poor vern", but I am saying it, over and over.
Maybe you should go into the house with him, let him shower while you rustle up a steak, get him an ice pack and make a BIG martini.

kenju said...

Unbelievable! What bad karma he had that day!

quilly said...

Shelly, it was very nice of you to offer to rock your husband to sleep after his traumatic day, however, you probably shouldn't have used a real rock.

bobbie said...

Poor guy! I hope you were super nice to him afterwards.

Carletta said...

Life can be a 'funny, funny riddle!'