Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got "the wants"

Okay, the picture is bad. I took it on the second day I had my camera...can't remember but I think I may have taken it by accident. I was at a birthday party and it was fun!
Here's the deal. We're having a party next weekend in the party barn for my friend...she's gonna be FIFTY! She's way older than me, like..umm...ten months!
Here's the deal.
I want the lights that are hanging from the ceiling in this picture, I neeeeed them for the party barn! I don't have a lot of wants, I like my life pretty much just the way it is...well...except for my addiction to dishes, but that's another post.
I'm not really ready to talk about my dish-addiction quite yet ;)


Jerrie said...

Those ARE some fantastic lights. I am sure you can do it!!! Go for it...

I have a dish addiction as family (tries) to keep me in check (especially now that I've gone the fiesta ware route)! Dishes are great!

Have fun!

Carletta said...

Great lights!

Are you saying you need a twelve step program for dish addiction - :)

Kris said...

Love - love your blog. Found it on accident - glad I did. :o)

Check these out:

Dianne said...

the lights are great!!

I eat off of old hub caps ;)

Cote de Texas said...

love the lights!

and thanks so much for your comments during hurricane. they all made me feel so great!!!!
thanks again!

bobbie said...

Gee! It doesn't seem like too much to want. Hope you get them.