Sunday, August 31, 2008

Avoiding, Freaking & Escaping

Ta Daaa! Finally, the unveiling of the new driveway diva at
this old farm. I don't like major all. I freak out, I hate spending large sums of money.

So this is kinda perfect for me, the girl that likes to avoid, hide...and even run away once in a while when things get too sticky.

There's enough power to get over those steep mountain passes, that's important for this farm girl.

But hokey pokeys there are a lot of buttons and doo dads.
All those buttons just for music? Sheesh! The funny thing is that my radio in my car had been broken for a few years, it would work when it felt like it...and sometimes not at all. The cassette deck - read correctly....well, I don't think that has worked for about four years. I got to the point where I really liked the silence. When the radio would pop on all by itself I was appreciative, I'd sing along and then when it would stop I didn't really care.

I like things that are plain and simple sometimes. This is the radio in the farm truck, no CD or cassette...just a radio with four buttons. Doesn't get much more simple than that.
This is how we roll down the windows in the farm truck. I gave somebody a ride not too long ago and they couldn't figure out how to roll down the's called a handle and you crank it.

I'm in my major purchase freak out phase. I've been escaping out to the party barn in the back yard at this old farm. There a tons of projects waiting for me to focus on out there, I could be out there for months on's a bit like therapy. I posted earlier this week about painting this little vanity, in my freaked out mental state I decided to paint the inside
of the drawers hot pink. The shelf that I hung above the vanity has a drop down desk-top, so I've paired it with this little $5 chair that I bought at an estate sale. It needs a little fixing so I'll recover the seat with an old piece of leather from a coat that I had back in the eighties. The back of the coat is perfect to cover the seat without any piecing.
So, I'm asking for your opinions here.
Should I strip the chair and leave it raw wood? Should I paint it white and scuff the edges so it looks shabby-chic? Paint it gossy white? Glossy black?
Any ideas?
*bloggers note - The chair and desk will stay where they are in the party barn, the walls are all primer white..kinda rustic looking, the ceiling is old raw wood rafters showing the back sides of the old wood shingles. The furniture is all rescue stuff...kinda retro, there is an old black leather couch from the 60''s a crazy mixed up space but we love hanging out there and sharing it with friends and family.


Carletta said...

I love it! My friend has had an escape for just over a year an likes it a lot.
You did good!

As for the chair - great $5 find. I'm for the shabby-chic look - toile seems better than leather though in that case. Maybe a toile pillow. My next thought is raw wood.

tami said...

Paint the chair PINK and recover with the Holstein print fabric we saw at the fabric store yesterday...edgey! Fun! Unexpected! (live a little)

PS--I liked my trip in the new rig-way nice sista!

Deborah Godin said...

I agree, I don't know why they have to make the dashboard look like NASA control - maybe to justify the big honkin' price tag? Think I'd go for a pink chair, too. Be fun every time you opened a drawer!

quilly said...

Nice escapes -- both the car and the barn! And I'm with Tami on the chair.

jodi said...

When the going gets tough the tough get GOING!!!!

Willow said...

Glossy black or shabby chic white.

The hot pink drawers are fantastic! I wish I had that much imagination and bravado.

Diane Mandy said...

Wow! What a fat ride! Isn't that what thekids are saying these days?

Congrats on your new car!