Thursday, December 13, 2007

From Reading to Eating

It's time for research!

Next week is the "foodies" Christmas Dinner Party...ohhh goody. I'm in charge of the soup course, it's winter and I love making soups, so being assigned this task makes me really.... so very happy.
I used to collect garden books, like a crazy woman. If I was cranky because I was working hard and traveling too much (for work) I would treat myself to a new garden book....and presto...I could pop out of the crankies in no time flat.
Now that work related travel is a thing of the past it seems my cravings for garden books have all but disappeared. Ohhh..but it it's place....
Cookbooks! I must have books by the Contessa, and Rachel, and Nigella...books just about Chocolate or Appetizers...French books, Italian books...books that have a story attatched to each recipe. I read them like novels. It's research!
Today when I was getting groceries I happened to notice a book just about dinner parties, I took a peek...I liked it, I wanted it, I didn't put it in my cart...I'm not over it. I'm having a formal dinner party in a couple of months, I really think I need that book for research.


Jerrie said...

One can never have too many books of any sort. You may need them someday!

tcccsy said...

I agree that one can never have too many books ... then again, keep in mind that Jerrie stores her books at other people's houses so she can have TONS of books & never see them. Funny how that works for her! ;)