Monday, December 10, 2007

The Learning Curve

My pal Sam is one of those brave souls that participates in the post-Thanksgiving sale mania. Lucky for me! For a small donation he picked up a lap-top for me, this was something that we've been thinking of purchasing for the last year or wasn't an impulse purchase. I'm having a great time playing with the new lap-top (my old lap top was purchased in ' can imagine how much fun that thing is).
We have a desk-top computer that we bought three years ago, it works ok but it could use a thorough up-date I'm sure. It's been to "the shop" but I don't think they did a very good job.
Soooo...the new lap-top led to signing up for a new ISP.... the clearwire thing led to this blog..the blog led to the purchase of a digital camera. I'm starting to feel like I'm spending all of my spare time reading manuals, making notes, referring back to the manual...occasionally saying a bad word. It's all interesting but good golly miss molly..I feel like I went down the information highway without looking at the map first, it's a slippery spendy slope. I'm spending like a drunken sailor and havin' a great time doin' it.
K...gotta run...the digital camera came with three manuals loaded with information. I should read them! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Wow. Ohhh...the possibilities!


tami said...

I've never read a manual in my life, including the digital camera one...sooo let me know if there is anything I should know. And Fred says, welcome to the new millenium.

Jerrie said...

Nothing like curling up with a good manual to put you right to sleep. I say don't read 'em just play! Much better way to learn! haha

I am going to purchase the Merry & Bright book too - Loving it, need it!