Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Try and Try Again

The old saying is true...."If at once you don't succeed..try and try again". Yesterday I was not successful posting a photo, got a little crazy/cranky with the new digital camera and the computer and the blog. I know that they were all in cahoots to see if I would either swear a blue streak orrrrrr...throw something. I did neither. I WIN. HA!
My friend Tami is right about manuals...they don't tell you squat. What they do tell you is a whole bunch of babble that makes absolutely no sense at all. My take on the whole scene is that the computer people and the camera people write lousy manuals that you can't understand so that you will go buy something else and keep consumer spending spiraling out of control, it's a conspiracy theory...ya...uh know what I'm talkin' about. Granted, I'm not a techno-geek by any stretch of the imagination but I have been known to find my way out of a cardboard box.
I'm going to keep gardening as a hobby, dirt doesn't need a manual. Oh...the photo...merry merry...the tree is making me very happy. I have the lights on two switches - we have options options options! You got yer "happy bright tree with lots-o-lights"... orrrr...yer "subtle evening dim-the-lights twinkle twinkle". Guess it's time for the wrap-a-rama, looks a little naked under that thar tree.


Jerrie said...

Yippeeee! I told Tami I would have a little party when I clicked on your blog and saw a picture! So, my party is a hot cup of Pomegranate White Tea (from Joes) and a Lifetime TV movie this morning! :)

Manuals suck! haha

Shelly said...

You my dear are the Official Comment the heck do you do that so fast? If you wrote a manual I would read it...and I bet it wouldn't make me cranky. Enjoy the party..good idea...I'm going to get myself a cookie and nuke my latte.

tami said...

I am so proud of you posting a photo. You tree looks gorgeous...I had seen the half there stage.
And I think you just said I was right about something...hee hee.

Jodi said...

WAY TO GO! A PIC! oh and nice tree by the way!