Friday, December 28, 2007

It was a good the time

Does anyone else remember that Lyle Lovett song? Part of the lyrics are - - -
"She wasn't good, but she had good intentions" That can sum up my blogging behavior for the last ten days. I had sooooo many good ideas, but nooooo energy. Hey kids, I've seen blogs out there that haven't had any entries for months on end. Some of them had even been nominated for "blog awards" ...go figure.
So...back when I was germ free, I had ideas for blogs running around in my head like elves on Christmas Eve...and then....the germs came.
My world was a vortex. No ideas, no energy, no nothin'.
Today I thought...what the hay....better late than never! I have the photos, why not do some belated blogging - make up for lost time.
Check out the cheese slicer from Appel Farms. I grabbed it when The Husband and I went to the cheese store to buy their yummy goudas and cheddars for my Christmas gift baskets. I used it today and really like it, gotta love a good kitchen gadget. It's simple and pretty but that's not enough for me...pretty is as pretty does...and yes... it slices quite nicely. Yay!

Speaking of Christmas baskets, I love making them. I like to fill them with all kinds of goodies....cheese, sausage, cocoa, crackers, chocolates, candy canes, candies, apples, oranges, Christmas blend coffee, sparkling cider - goodies galore. One goes to The Husands boss, one to our renters, the in-laws...sometimes more's always so much fun to deliver them. This year the fun of basket delivery was a little lost in the sneezy haze...I thought I would assemble all of them on the dining room table and take a lovely photo - uhhhh - didn't happen. This is the last one to be delivered...and yes...I snapped the photo of it in the front seat of my car.
Lovely photo composition...doncha think?


Jerrie said...

So, I am sitting here expecting my basket. I am your number one commenter! :) haha

The cheese looks really good. I love cheese!

Glad you are back bloggin' your little heart out!

tami said...

She's BACK! good to hear from you- I am now in the sick fog myself.
And I am right behind Jerrie in the basketline :}
Basketline,basketcase,dropped my basket, etc.