Saturday, December 8, 2007

You gotta be kidding me

Yesterday was a big shopping day for me. A big shopping day is when I spend more than an hour at is not my favorite activity. More than 20 minutes in one store and I start to get all tight in my chest and have to concentrate on doing some sort of calming breathing.
I was really happy when I got home last night because I crossed a lot of stuff off the Christmas list and also picked up some stuff for the house. Imagine my frustration this morning when I found not one..but TWO lousy purchases lurking in my bags. A pretty red sweater that I purchased at Macy's has a hole right in the middle of the front of it...guess I need to examine things more closely...annddd.....grrrrrr....a package that I bought at Rite-Aid had been opened and had half of the contents missing, including the directions.
I'm a terrible "returner" but I'm going to make myself do it today. Oh my, returning something on a Saturday... two-plus weeks before that's going to take some of that breathing I was talking about. I think I'll call my sissy and see if she wants to meet me for a snazzy drink late this afternoon, a reward of sorts for making myself go to the return counter! Should get rid of the "crankys" in an all-fire hurry.


tami said...

F & I went to Bham today also...crazy. Now we need to return- got a tan instead of a black Vinyl at TOM. Noticed at home...grrrr. And the other item we looked all over for was finally found in Lynden. Did hit the Haggen's wine sale tho and did well :)

Jerrie said...

Totally feel ya! I went to the mall yesterday and almost had a panic attack. I thought the whole place was closing in on me. Exited with one purchase from Hickory Farms. Couldn't handle it! Yikes! I did my shopping online or in Lynden this year!

Did make a Trader Joes trip though - and while it was busy it was worth it!