Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vacuum Air...Ewww

Ever since I was a little kid I have had an intense dislike of what I call "vacuum air". My mom was (and is) a fabulous housekeeper. When I'd come home from school she would have quite often just vacuumed the house, the vacuum was put away in the closet but I could still smell vacuum air. I want to be a great housekeeper but it's not really something that this little apple got from the mama tree. My own vacuum air smells a lot worse than hers did because I have a big dog and a lot more dirt than she on a farm and all. "The Husband" aka Messy Man and I track in a lot of garden dirt and barn dirt and just plain - where the heck did that come from dirt! I'm a sucker for any product that manufacturers try to sell us "vacuum air freaks" to eliminate this dreaded odor from our personal spaces. I've bought drops that you put on the bag, spray to put on the bag, sticky sheets you lay over the bag or exhaust name it. Yesterday I was in Seattle and stopped off at Restoration Hardware, I was looking at the section of sheet sprays and room sprays and a lovely young sales lady started chatting with me about the scents. I wasn't even looking at the Vacuum BB's, but somehow she zoned in on me as a vacuum air sucker (pun!) and I fell for them hook-line-and stinker!
Well, today I fired up the Kenmore and did as she told me..."just sprinkle 25 beads on the floor and your whole house will smell wonderful". Suurrrreee...I sprinkled, vacuumed, sniffed, coughed, changed the bag, sprinkled, vacuumed, sniffed...andddd....ohhhh happy dayyyyy! I smell lemony fresh....wait for it.....wait for it..... dusty dirty ...lemony fresh dog! :-(
Twelve bucks down the tube, hmmmm...let me rephrase that...I guess that should be "up the tube".


tami said...

That really sucks...

Jerrie said...

That is funny. I too have tried all those things and it still just smells like vacuum air! :)