Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Incredible Guy

I met him at a New Years Eve party. I was in a bit of a funk because I had just lost a special friend and was still a little wounded. Our hosts had invited a group of old and new friends from near and far. The first thing that I noticed was how quiet and unassuming he was...and he had such lovely manners. The gossip at the party was that he had come to the city to stay with a "friend of a friend" and things just didn't work out. At pre-dinner cocktails he and I seemed to really click. Before I knew it we were all at the dinner table and he was by my side. As the evening progressed it was obvious to the other guests that he and I were an "item". A few of the other guests were commenting on the fact that he was workin' me over and might very well go home with me. Now understand, I'm not that kinda' girl. I'm quite cautious about who I let into my personal space, but....some things are just meant to be. As the evening came to a close our hosts and some of the other guests walked us out to the truck and he jumped right in. He turned to the crowd and seemed to be saying "see..I told ya so". "He" is my dog Tippy, I love him. We both won the dog lottery...we're living happily ever after. :-)
Special Message: Don't support puppy mills! If you must have a purebred check out Seattle Purebred Rescue. Better yet, adopt a stray! Tippy started out his life as a stray, he was adopted by the Wilson Family and when Mary Wilson could no longer care for him we became his "Foster Family". more thing, spay or neuter your pets! Please!!!

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