Thursday, December 6, 2007

Un- Official Tester

We all do it, try stuff and love it....or...try stuff and hate it. So completely disappointed and of course cranky that we wasted our hard earned dinero on something that was quite often purchased on a whim. If I don't like something I'm not a "returner". If it's food I either compost it or chuck it, it used to go to the barn cats but we don't have barn cats any more. If it's clothes or housewares it goes to charity.

Oprah has her favorite things and my charming gal-pal Tami has listed her favorite things too. Why should we wait a whole year to give a product a Yay or a Nay, I'd like to know whats groovy or yummy all year long. I usually manage to catch Oprahs list when she does that show, often times I'm a little bit (okay..a lot) sarcastic about how "O" doesn't exactly "get it". Of course we're all going to run out and buy that "ffaabuloouuusss coat" for $400 bucks...nottttttt!!!!! This year I really cracked up at the cupcakes that cost something in the neighborhood of 12 bucks a pop...or was it closer to 20? Can't remember...I just remember thinking..stoooo-pid! Sorry Opie lovers.

I want to be responsible with my money, I'm not always consistent - I KNOW, but I do try to think through my purchases. Examples? I've been stuck in the land of "dial up" since '99. Last week we finally got off the wallet and hooked up with clearwire. I know I know...but we live in the boonies, we can't even get cable TV. When we would check into other possibilities for better service it would either be "unavailable in you service area" or rediculously expensive. When people complain about not being able to pay their bills and they have a gigantic SUV, a super-sized flat screen TV, the deeeluxe cable package and the snazziest lap-top with the lighting speed wireless, outfits you never see them in twice, I'm really sorry...but I have to say I do my very best to chew on my tongue and not say something. I I the only one doing the math here? All those payments, all that interest, it's just plain goofy to me. Do the math, it's a nice litle down payment on a piece of vacation property my friends. Oh sheesh...this is turning into a Dennis Miller rant (of course I love his rants - just not the bad words).

And yes my friends, I watch broadcast TV, there is an antenna on my roof. I have never paid a cable bill in my life. I love doing that math, sorry if that's inappropriate. We do talk about getting a dish, The Husband and I decided two years ago at Christmas time that we wouldn't buy each other gifts, we'd get a dish. We haven't done it yet, it's a running makes people laugh at us...we laugh along with them. Laughter is good. I understand that I am missing a whole world of incredible programming. My intellectual stimulation is suffering without the dynamic, inspiring influence of Orange County Choppers, Housewives of Orange County, Ozzie and Sharon, Paris and Nicole, I understand the list goes on and on. Seriously though, I do pine for HG TV, I would love to sit on my couch with Ina, Giada and all of their friends. Mom has cable, if I really need a fix I can go to her house, sit in the tv room, waste a whole would be fun for both of us. Quality time with mom and the gals.

Okie dokie...if I still have your attention and you haven't tired of my cranky-conservative-chubby-middleage-perimenopausal babble..I have a product I tried...AND LIKED. Liked...a whole lot. Drum roll please........................

Trader Joes Cilantro Roasted Pecan Dip

I love cilantro, it's a little spicy but not too spicy, great with veggies, great with good breads. It has nice layers of flavor which is something I'm always looking for. None of the sour taste so often associated with purchased dips. The lingering taste is a nice sweet one with herby overones. It's not a thick dip though, more the consistency of heavy cream. Very different from a lot of the stuff out there. Great in the fridge for last minute wine and snackies. This one is a winner!


Jerrie said...

You are funny. I, however, can't live (okay that may be dramatic) without my t.v. I have to have a CSI fix...

I will totally try the TJs dip - sounds yummy!

tami said...

Where in the store is the dip? Shelf, fridge, above the frozen? I need some new goodies in my ever ready cocktail party pantry...:)
No joke. I have one.

Shelly said...

Hey kids, it's in the fridge case with the salads and sandwiches, right near the sliced sausages and cheeses. It does have a pull date on it that isn't usually more than a couple of weeks.
Oh, and Jerrie...I too love CSI - I can pull it in with my antenna.