Monday, December 3, 2007

My First Post...Yikes!

Here we gooooo....
Saturday night we had a small gathering here at the farm, Fred & Tami and their boys Sam and Max - Karen came too but we missed her hubby Mark and son Braden since they were out of town. The original plan was to go to the Lighted Christmas Parade in town and then come back to the farm for some yummy snacks.
Change of plans! It was very windy and realllly we opted to skip the parade and focus on the snacking and chatting.
I got crazy in the kitchen and both Tami and Karen brought yummy stuff to share.
Both gals asked if I would be willing to share my Spiced Shrimp recipe so I thought it might be a fun first post. I've always tried to pick up cookbooks when I travel and this recipe is from a book I picked up in Washington D.C. more than 20 years ago. I've altered the recipe a bit over they years to suit my taste.

Spiced Shrimp
2 pounds Costco frozen shrimp, peeled-tail on. Size 31-40 seems to work best for appetizers
1 tbsp minced dried onion
1 tbsp dried parsley
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 garlic cloves, minced fine...I use a garlic press
Tabasco, a couple of good shakes

Thaw the shrimp and then steam them in a large pan, don't boil them because they will taste watery.
Use a large pot - I use the Belgique 8 quart, with a couple of inches of water in the bottom. My colander nests perfectly in the pot and the pot lid goes on top of that....sometimes I wrap the top of the pot with foil to keep the steam in. I steam them in two batches for about three minutes each. As soon as the timer goes off I put them directly into a glass bowl and top that with plastic wrap...this method works the best for me but I'm always learning.
Chill the shrimp, while the shrimp are chilling I whisk together the rest of the ingredients. I've never measured the spices, I just give each spice container a few shakes. Once the shrimp are good and cold I drain off any moisture at the bottom of the bowl and then top them with the spice/oil/vinegar mixture. Chill again for at least a couple of hours or overnight if you can.
Serve in a pretty crystal bowl.


tami said...

Your first comment! Really nice blog farm girl. and really nice party Sat p.m. Thanks dear!

Jerrie said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! You will become an addict like Tami! :)

Recipe looks good - my favorite part is the 'serve in a pretty bowl' - the most important part!

Jodi | Wendi said...

Nice Blog! You better get a digital camera now!