Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bells and Whistles

We went to pick up the new car late this afternoon. I know it was a huge blogging/photo opportunity but I didn't even take my camera. Remember how this stuff freaks me out, I'm simply not myself.
Last night I went to a really great concert at the Woodland Park Zoo and I forgot the camera for that groovy outing as well.
Freakin' out I tell ya...freakin!
We've never owned a car that had one of those key-fob thingies, it's a whole new world. After we picked up the vehicle we went for dinner, The Husband turned the car off but the radio kept playing...we freaked (yeah...more freakin') out a little bit, and then we just looked at each other and laughed while we tried to figure out how to turn it door = radio off.

I'm not sure I like this, I feel so HML (high maintenance lady)'s kinda creepy for a girl like me who would much rather go to Home Base than Nordstrom's.
Speaking of Home Base, I think I might be able to fit my cement mixer in the back of this rig...wahooooo-eeeee!


quilly said...

So what did you buy?

When OC first met my car he freaked over the fob lock; set the alarm off; couldn't figure out how to roll the windows down or turn the headlights off; and thumped the radio a good one when it didn't go off like he thought it should.

Robert said...

You had me laughing all the way through this read! Enjoy the new freaky car. :)

Minkydo said...

Yea, tell us what you bought. New cars can be funny and a pain at the same time :)

Carletta said...

Yeah Shelly, what did you buy, huh, huh - inquiring minds want to know!
Good story.

and...I love the flower.

Nea said...

We wanted a new car, went and drove a few, and guess what, we are still driving the old ones. I don't like all that new fangled stuff. I sound like my Mom. haha

Going to drive my van till it coughs it last sputter.

So you prefer a hardware store to the mall, also, huh? haha

I tell my husband, I am the only woman who gets excited over getting tools for Christmas....I have a right nice amount of tools...

Lori said...

We have that Smart Key thing. We have a Prius, took a while to get used to it all.

I am with you all the way about avoiding the mall. Marshalls, Lowes.. a few others and that is it.

Dianne said...

New things always freak me out too! I love that about you :)

hope to see a photo of the new buggy