Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roughin' It

My friend Tami gave me this book for my birthday. It's the perfect book for me, I mean...I've been known to set up a tent for the long term with a mattress, rugs, end tables, duvet...the works! Sorry about the photo, I snapped it last week in a hurry and now that I'm back home from my little get-away with "the girls" I don't have the book here at the farm - left it at our cabin in the backcountry.
Backcountry Betty is all about roughing it in style, I'll be reading this one cover to cover - there's always something for us glampers to learn.

The get-away was great, but there are nooo photos! I know - sad but true. Guess that's a sign of a lovely time, good conversation and great company. I can hardly believe it, four women, four days and not one single photo. I was "in the moment", reverting to my old self...the old Shelly wasn't the girl with the camera - I've had lots of adventures which don't have photos to record the I guess I'll need to add this last one to the list.

Oh, and I have a new obsession...playing Trivial Pursuit in a new way - one person asks the questions and the rest of the group tries to be the first to answer correctly, no teams...just group play for the ever-curious. When you answer a question correctly they say "congratulations on being a genius" was so dang much fun, it was a great game to play with my sister, my darling college age niece and her dearest friend. I loooooove smart women and these gals are it!


quilly said...

My step-daughter would love camping with you. I remember her tagging along to hunting camp one year and upon arriving being horrified that there were no bathrooms, no hot running water (the creek supplied cold running water) and no beds. She spend most of the week sitting in the cab of the truck reading or working puzzles. I did get her to try some gold panning, but that was the extent of her fun.

Shelly said...

Quilly - I like any kind of camping and I'm sorta missing my tent. Since we bought the property and have been working on the cabin my tent camping has been shelved...I kinda miss it. I do have a blow-up mattress for my tent, my days of sleeping on the ground are over.

Carletta said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
You must share the high points of the book!