Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reliable Transportation

Push has come to shove. I need to think about getting a new car, dear old Mrs. Greenie is starting to get a little finicky...okay..a lot finicky. Twice this week she didn't want to start - and she chose rather inconvenient times to act up like that....the old bat has some nerve!
I make too many long distance trips not to have reliable transportation. Bear with me folks, major purchases aren't my strong suit.
We went to the rodeo last night and while I was looking at my photos this one cracked me up...reminds me of how I feel right now about spending all that dough on a dumb car.
I'm bucking this one every step of the way.


Robert said...

Great capture. I'd still rather have a car though! Hope it works out for you.

quilly said...

We just paid mine off. Doing the happy dance. But I suppose that means it won't be long before I'm singing the, "Start Dammit," song.

Carletta said...

Great action shot!
The rodeo looks well attended.

the teach said...

You'll be happy when you get the new car! Funny photo! We have to keep off the dunes because dunes protect animal and bird life and human life if ever there is a surge from the ocean during a storm. :)

juliana said...

fingers crossed for a good choice of new car, and - i love the photo!

Diane Mandy said...

So what kind of car are you thinking about it?