Friday, August 15, 2008

Fair Time

It's fair time around here. I grew up really close to the fairgrounds and spent a week every summer listening to the sounds of "fair". You could see the ferris wheel from my parents back yard, hear the shrieks of delighted kids on the still lives there and last night when I came back to pick up my car I think the noise was louder than ever, it's great to listen to that chaos.
I went to the fair for a little while yesterday, the band Chicago was playing at the grandstand...I couldn't let myself skip catching a great 70's band when it was playing just a few miles from this old farm.
But first...fair food, if I'm going to the fair I gotta get some curly fries - and yes...I felt absolutely horrible after I ate these greasy devils.I went to the grandstand with my sister and my friend Tami...ate my curly fries and watched the trick ponies, this one didn't even have a bridle!

How cute is this little one?!

I love to watch the chariot races...of course I was cheering for the "woman driver"...Yayyyyy!

And here they are...Chicago! A serious blast from my past. At my Junior-Senior Banquet in high school the theme song was Chicago's - Color My World...we listened for a while and then I puttered on home, my high school self would have stayed til the end, but my farm-girl self wanted to be home and in my jammies...the farm-girl won out.

Gotta friend Max is showing his cow at the fair today. I missed watching him take first place in fitting and showing on Tuesday - today is open class...Go Max!!!


Jerrie said...

When I asked Archer what he had for lunch at the fair he said "curly fries"...okay...that is lunch.

Have fun today. And Yay! Max!

quilly said...

Looking at those fries just gave me heartburn!

My Grandpa H. bought a retired trick pony when we were kids. Since it was trained not to let it's rider fall, he thought it would be just the horse to teach us to ride on, and perhaps it would have, except -- we were not trained riders!

A team takes TWO. That poor little pony just about had a nervous breakdown because he couldn't keep us from falling off! We didn't know how he was trained.

You see, any slack on the reins at all, and this little fella was trained to stop. Instantly. I remember very clearly laying on my back in the middle of the road staring up at him, gasping for breath, while he nervously sniffed at my head and hair. He stopped. I didn't. One-by-one my cousins enjoyed a similar ride.

bobbie said...

Fairs are so much fun. I haven't been to one in years, but have some great memories. I really should have gone this year to the 4H Fair, but it was just too darned hot!

Cote de Texas said...

omg - what a life you lead!!!! so different from mine - lucky you!

thanks for the comment!

Carletta said...

How cool! Did you have funnel cake? It's not a fair unless there's ditch the diet funnel cake!

Serious security there too I see.

Those chariot races look like a lot of fun - never seen those.

Deborah Godin said...

Sounds like the perfect fair - lots of animals, some break-your-diet snacks, and Chicago! Enjoyed this post!