Friday, August 1, 2008

Posh has my haircut

I've noticed a lot of women lately are copying Posh's haircut. If you've missed the whole Posh Spice media mayhem...lucky you...just google it and you can catch up really quick. Hey man...I need to set the record straight, Posh copied my haircut from 1971. Yup, that's me on the far right...with my cousin Beth standing behind the pony, my little sisters are the darling munchkins so happy to be in the saddle.
Mom was going through old photos a while back and she made copies and gave them to us kids. It's so much fun to go through them and take a little walk down memory lane.
I don't remember who owned this pony, I don't remember my thighs everrrr being that slim. It's real, I know my mom didn't photoshop this one...but dannng. I want those thighs!
The haircut? Not so much.


Dianne said...

I thought you were saying the horse had Posh's haircut! LOL

She annoys me. She's like a stick figure with hair.

You were, and still are, adorable!

Are ya still giggling ;)

quilly said...

I had that haircut, too! The summer between third and fourth grade I believe I only emerged from the lake under extreme duress, and my gram said less swimming or less hair, so the hair had to go. It went from waist-length to "omigod you look like a boy!"

I don't think I was as cute as you are though and I know my thighs weren't that slim.

tami said...

So cute! Hey, get the HC again and the thighs might return...just a thought.

bobbie said...

That photo must be priceless to you. It's pretty cute to me too.