Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cows & Kids

Meet Max & Wiloughby.
Max is one of my favorite kids, he calls me Auntie Shelly but we're not related. He's been showing cows at the fair for about five years now...and he's been winning for that many years too, the kid has the magic touch. He works hard at it ...don't let this casual pose trick you into thinking that he's not going to be all business once he walks her into the show ring.
Isn't she a cutie?

Howdy missy, nice to meet ya.

There are a whole bunch of kids that take this thing pretty seriously, they've been working with their animals for them to lead, cleaning them up, clipping them...even getting their hooves all shiny.
See what I mean? This is Max in the show ring...this is serious stuff.
Oh, and here he is with Petunia...another showgirl. I think Petunia had a bit of a runny nose, it was miserable in the show barn...100 degrees at least...I was a sweaty mess just sitting there watchin, looks like the heat was getting to Petunia too, her nose was running.

Oh my, this is the judge...I remember when he was just a little tiny kid. We were still in the cow showing scene with our own animals, he called me "Cowboy Mans Wife" he's all grown up. Yikes.......time sure does fly.

Whooops! I know, I'm supposed to be taking pictures of Max...but dang...these girls are just too cute.

That's Max on the left.
Max - Hey man, sure is hot in here.
Other kid- Sure is, you know that lady taking all the pictures?
Max - Yeah, that's my Auntie Shelly...she does this a lot...just pretend you don't see her.
Other kid - But Max! She's taken about a hundred pictures by now.
Max - Probably more than that, like I said - just smile at her...eventually her batteries
will go dead and she'll have to stop.
Other kid - Okay..but it's kinda freakin' me out.
We have a winnah folks!
Congrats Max, You did it.


tami said...

If you can imagine it was hotter today. Thanks for all your support all these years. We appreciate it! You are the winner of the best fair photos- no prize-just the glory!

quilly said...

Ha! I loved that conversation about your picture taking. I've heard similar things said about me.

Dianne said...

I LOVE this post.

Cows are so adorable. And Max is a cute kid too!! LOL

love the conversation.

You're a rockin' Aunt!

Carletta said...

He has such a sweet face! His white outfit reminded me of the milk men who used to deliver milk to your door. :)

The conversation section was cute -my nephew would say he didn't know me.

Jodi | Wendi said...

Go max! you are a blog-star!